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Roadworks city centre of Nieuwerkerken

Roadworks city centre of Nieuwerkerken

Dear visitor,

Currently roadworks in the city centre of Nieuwerkerken involve difficulties for reaching Carolus Trees.

Coming from Hasselt:

The Heuvelstraat is reachable via Klein-Tegelrij.

However a road sign obstructs the road, but to reach Carolus trees, this sign can be ignored.

Coming from Herk-de-Stad or Sint-Truiden:

The Heuvelstraat can be reached from the Diestersteenweg via the Wolverstraat. At the end of the Wolverstraat, please turn right to enter Klein-Tegelrij.

The same road sign as mentioned above will obstruct the Heuvelstraat. This sign can be ignored in order to reach Carolus Trees.


Our apologies for this inconvenience,


Kind regards,

Carolus Trees